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January 27, 2024

Mustard Yellow Honey Dijon Hybrid Tea Rose

The more effort you put into planting your hybrid tea, the fewer problems you will have down the line. Even the best specimen will not thrive if not planted correctly. Take the time and effort to get it right at the outset. It is not easy to correct once it is established.

We will guide you through the most important factors to consider:

Light Requirements 

Full sun is your best bet, full sun and plenty of it. If space is a challenge, they can handle some shade but aim for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of direct sun per day. This will not only ensure better and more regular blooms but will help to stave off some of the diseases that hybrid teas might encounter.

These roses do well in pots allowing you to reposition them as the seasons and sun patterns change.

Other Weather Conditions

If you live in a cold area many of these roses will need protection in winter. While some will bounce back after a cold snap others might struggle.

When to Plant Hybrid Tea Rose

The ideal time to plant these roses is in autumn, particularly if you live in a cold area. If you live in a warmer climate then winter is also a good time. Planting them in the dormant period will allow them to establish healthy supporting roots before they start to grow.

Don’t plant if the ground is frozen. If you have had a lot of rain, wait until the water subsides before planting. When planting in pots, this can be done at any time.

How to Plant Hybrid Tea Roses

Planting is pretty much the same as with any other rose. Gently remove the bush from the container by pulling it from the base of the stem. Tease the roots out if they have become compacted and remove any dead or damaged sections.  

Double-dig a hole that is more than large enough to accommodate the roots (at least twice as wide as the existing roots) and enrich the soil with organic material before backfilling. Spread the roots around gently and evenly. Ensure the plant is at the same level as it was in the container you received it in. Firm down the soil after planting but don’t compact it.

As discussed, acidic, organic-rich soil is what you want to use. The pH should be 6 to 6.5. You can mulch around the base of the rose but avoid placing it directly against the stem. This helps to suppress weeds, conserves water, and gives the roots some protection from extreme temperatures.

Always remember to give newly planted roses a long but gentle watering.

Planting Bare Root Hybrid Teas

This is a popular way of acquiring new roses, but it does require a slightly different approach to those received in a pot or nursery bag. While you can get away with it throughout the year, the dormant winter period is best. This allows for the roots to develop before the bush starts to grow with vigor.

The first step is to rehydrate the rose. This is done by placing them in a bucket of water. Do this for roughly 2 hours before you plant them.

Soil preparation is the same as with other roses. Ensure you are getting fresh stock that has not been sitting for months and plant it soon after receiving it. Purchase them from a reputable dealer so that you know what you are getting.  

It is advisable to apply some Mycorrhizal Fungi before planting.

If planting in winter you will want to plant them in an area protected from ultra-cold conditions or give them some protection with mulch. Again, do not forget to water after planting.

Planting Hybrid Tea in Pots

These roses thrive in pots if planted correctly. Drainage and rich soil are what you need to get started. You can plant them at any time but the dormant winter season is ideal. Water them regularly, especially for the first 3 to 4 weeks.  Simply poke your finger into the soil to see if it is dry and if so, give it some water.

Repotting Hybrid Teas Roses

This will need to be done roughly every 3 years. Ensure you repot into a slightly larger pot with fresh suitable soil.

If you notice a general decline in the health of your rose or notice that it dries more quickly than it used to it might be time to repot sooner. Another indication that you need to repot the rose urgently is if roots start to grow out of the drainage holes at the base.

Hybrid Tea Planting Distance and Positioning

The ideal spacing distance is to plant them roughly 30 to 36 inches apart. Make sure there are no plants around that are going to encroach on the hybrids or block out the sun and air circulation. Also, consider the roots of surrounding plants as some plants and trees have extensive roots that could encroach the rose root system.


While there are not many differences to planting any other rose this step is critical for the future of the hybrid tea rose. Follow these basic guidelines and the rest of the care will be that much easier.

If you would like to learn all about Hybrid Tea's and the many hybrids please read our main article. 

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