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August 17, 2023

Pink Garden Roses are very popular and have a long history

Much has been written and sung about the Red Rose but Pink Garden Roses emerge as the popular choice of rose lovers all over the world.  The Old Garden Rose varieties are predominantly pink and you can trace the history of the pink wild or species rose even prior to mankind.  Eg. Bourbons, Centifolias, and Hybrid Perpetuals.

Almost all varieties have pink blossoms.  However, the most famous pink garden roses are Heritage, Marchioness of Londonderry, Mary Rose, Gruss an Aachen, and Bonica.                  Heritage Roses are very fragrant and easily available in all shades of pink.

There are many miniature pink roses that are very popular such as, Magic Carousel, Rosie, Live Wire.

Pink climbers are much in demand and adorn trellises and archways in sprawling gardens in the countryside, these include, Viking Queen, Aloha, New Dawn.

Also, Magic Carpet, O’ So Easy, and Pink Knockout are some of the eye-catching landscape roses in pink. 

Matching hot pink roses with bright red, orange, and yellow flowers, inject verve and a luscious feel to your garden.  Cool pinks are well complemented by purple, blue, and white blooms and give a subdued and peaceful look to your rose garden.

The Pink Garden Rose - A Rose with many uses

Pink Roses signify many things for example, the light pink roses convey admiration, sympathy, gentleness, joy, sweetness, grace, and gladness.  Whereas, the dark pink (magenta) roses portray appreciation and gratitude.  The Rose de Recht is a classic example of the pink old garden rose.  Mauve shows enchantment, love at first sight, and beauty. 

The single pink rose simply means simplicity and gratitude.  Two entwined pink roses propose marriage.  Six is a desperate call for attention and love, and thirteen pink roses mean you have a secret admirer.  This just goes to show that sending a bunch of roses without paying attention might just about land you in trouble!

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